• "Regulated By (RICS) Institution Of Chartered Surveyors"

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David J Champion is regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors which means he carries out his business in accordance with and is also professionally liable to ( RICS).

The governing body (RICS) was founded way back in 1792 this was then known as the surveyors club by 1868 their where 49 members headed by a John Clutton this was the beginning of the Institution of Chartered Surveyors who’s new offices where based in Great George Street in the heart of Westminster London SW1.

The main reasons for assembling such a body was the rapid increase In building programs throughout the whole uk and the very real need to be much more stringent when valuing land and construction projects, this also included property under compulsive purchase order requirements for modernisation, the valuation had to be right.

RICSIt is now over a hundred and forty years since the Institution has been affective in its objectives and they are to maintain the highest standards from our members who are the bench mark to all lending institutions world wide. Whether your purchasing a house/Flat/Bungalow or Land always use a RICS qualified surveyor for peace of mind and professional service second to none.

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